We expect service users to adhere to these rules when working with Addictions North East;

  • Engage with services
  • Grant access to staff
  • Keep staff informed of any repair damages etc.,
  • Not to make any changes to fixtures, fittings and furniture
  • Not to redecorate without written approval
  • Agree to move from room to room or house to house if required by staff
  • Pay weekly charge in advance
  • Not to use any illegal drug or alcohol
  • Not to have visitors under the age of 18 without written approval
  • Not to cause a nuisance to others
  • Not to commit harassment or threat of harassment
  • Keep noise to a minimum
  • Not to have pets without written approval
  • To keep places clean including common areas

House Rules

No Drugs or Alcohol in Premises and All clients must obtain from drugs and alcohol unless prescribed by a Medical Practitioners.

This will be monitored trough daily room checks and health and Safety Inspections.


You are responsible for the security of your own medication, if you need support with this please bring this to the attention of your keyworker.

Illegal Drugs

The use of illegal drugs is not allowed on this project and anyone found to be breeching this rule will be reported to the police and may be subject to immediate eviction.


The use of illegal weapons is not allowed on this project and anyone found to be breaching this rule will be reported to the police.

Personal Charge

You must pay your personal charge in advance on your payday. To pay an agreed sum as per the license agreement in respect of gas, electric charges.


You must complete all paperwork relevant to your stay within 48 hours. Failure to do so may result in loss of your accommodation.


Addictions North East will not tolerate violence either actual or verbal threats made towards other service users, staff, contractors or visitors.

Nuisance and Disturbance

You should not cause nuisance or disturbance to other service users, staff or residents in the local area. Any crimes committed or incidents affecting the local community may lead to immediate notification to leave.


There is no smoking allowed in communal areas or bedrooms.

Illegal Activities

You should not use these premises for any illegal activities.

Bullying and Harassment

Will not be tolerated whether it is physical, verbal, emotional or sexual.

Care Plan

Clients will be requested to follow their agreed Budgeting Care Plan.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Will be conducted at regular intervals and without warning to the residents.

Respectful behaviour

Agree to treat everyone in a respectful and caring manner at all times.

Regular Reviews by Key Worker / Counsellor

To participate in regular reviews when required by the key worker.

Anyone is caught under the influence of Drugs and Alcohol they will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

House Keeping

Residents should maintain suitable tidiness and cleanliness within the house.

Anti-social behaviour

Will be a breach of the rules. Please respect your local environment and neighbours. This includes all criminal activity.

Novel Psychoactive Substances

Are used like illegal drugs, but are not covered by the current Misuse of Drugs Act, so they are legal to possess or to use. Although these drugs are marketed as legal substances this does not mean they are safe or approved for people to use. Some drugs marketed as legal highs actually contain some ingredients that are illegal to possess.

NPS carry serious health risks and users can never be certain what they are taking and what the effects might be. You are notified on admit and by signing this agreement that we do not accept the possession or use of NPS/legal high/mind altering substances. These will be confiscated and destroyed and the use of a warning may be considered at this point. The substances will not be returned to you and we reserve the right to threat NPS as illegal. If you are found using NPS and refuse to surrender the substance this will be deemed as a breach of the license agreement. Appropriate action, as with any other breach will be taken.

The decisions of the Directors of Addictions North East will be final.