Addictions North East currently does not offer a Home Detox Service.

For this, there are two organisations that we refer to service users:

  1. The NHS/ Local Authority contractor in County Durham – Humankind. They employ skilled medical staff who may be able to assist in such cases. There are other contractors in the North East of England – For further details contact us
  2. Addictions UK also provides an affordable, confidential Home Detox Service. They are an established leader in Home Detox Services in the UK serving all parts of England, Scotland ,Wales, and Ireland. For additional information, please contact them direct.

AddictionsUK offers a range of supported housing for people in recovery.

It is vital for those people consuming large quantities of alcohol not to stop drinking suddenly on their own. There is a risk of seizures during detox if medical advice is not followed. In some cases, there will be a need to carry out a residential detox if there are complications indicated in medical history.