Addiction is a chronic illness which requires a regular programme of recovery. Much of the research conducted into therapeutic programmes of recovery demonstrate that the most successful way to maintain abstinence is to undertake regular treatment regime.

To stop can be relatively easy but staying stopped is hard.

Alcoholics Anonymous Member

Many people with problems of pathological dependence sometimes try to stop treatment earlier than is wise. Many believe that having detoxed they have been cured. This is not the case. We see examples of many people who have lapsed / relapsed into old habits of drinking / drugging or carrying out the same behaviours as before. Having successfully addressed their addiction, they want to move on with their lives. This is natural, but they forget that addiction is a chronic and progressive illness that has no permanent cure or fix. It is natural to think that these kinds of problems can have “an instant fix” After spending years with a difficult medical problem it is understandable that intense long-term support will be required.

Addictions North East offers clients customised “relapse prevention” after completion of their agreed recovery programme. This can take the form of extended coaching or counselling sessions, introduction to peer-mentoring groups and access to a 24/7 helpline and are designed to ensure that recovery is permanent. Both our outreach clients and housing service users can access daily support.

Relapse Prevention and Crisis Management

Ongoing support and treatment are available from our skilled Addiction Therapy Workers who are trained to use:

  • Abstinence Recovery Programmes
  • Family Support Programmes
  • Coping Strategies
  • Teaching and Coaching methods
  • Peer Support

Escaping dependency on Alcohol or Drugs or anything else is a life-changing, liberating achievement. But there is no ” cure” – staying free from addiction is a daily challenge.

We can simply be there for you to contact whenever you need us, or we can arrange a more formal programme of relapse prevention when required.

Addictions North East have comprehensive training courses aimed at diverse service users and other third sector and public bodies which can be accessed remotely or online. Please visit: