Our Services

We at Addictions North East offer various services and Programmes that help in fast
and effective recovery of an addict.


Addictions North East has a number of properties offering comfortable and safe accommodation for those needing a place to live while in the early stages of recovery from addiction.

These places are only available to those who have already managed to drug and alcohol abstinent and who wish to embark on further abstinence based recovery facilitated by our organisation.

We undertake an assessment to see if we are the appropriate agency offering the most appropriate accommodation for a client’s needs.

Abstinence is a strict condition of the offer of a place in one of our houses. Clients who relapse into abuse will have their contract terminated immediately.

Normally, clients are responsible for paying all fees but we will help wherever possible to look at all options for covering costs. Housing benefit can be paid in appropriate circumstances with the support of the relevant Local Authority. We have a team of staff who are available 24/7 to help our residents.

Addictions North East helps those around them too. Find out about our support for families and friends of addicts
Call us on 0300 330 30 40 or use our contact form.
For further information concerning the Supported Recovery Housing Project contact us here or telephone 0800 1 40 40 44


Addiction Counselling

Addictions North East Counselling Service on Addictions face to face Counselling Sessions in County Durham. For the last ten years we have provided a specialist counselling and recovery life coaching service that is available using a face to face approach or through well practiced telephone counselling. For full details of this service please contact Simon Stephens MBPsS MBACP (Sen Accred) our Director of Case Work or telephone him on 0800 1 40 40 44. Addictions North East offers a limited number of funded places which are available at the discretion of our Trustees.

Addictions North East offers a wide range of Recovery Coaching and Professional Counselling services available from our treatment and support colleagues in addition to our programmes for people with addictions.

In addition to our specialist Home Based Addictions Treatment Services we can assist both fee paying and funded clients with other topics such as Stress Management, Workplace Stress Reduction, Low Self-esteem, Panic Attacks, Worklessness Issues, Relationship Issues, Anxiety and Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, Bullying & Harassment, Anger Management, Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviour, Sexuality / Diversity.

Counselling Locations: We are happy to meet in any suitable location to offer counselling support. However, clients are welcome to visit our purpose-built, comfortable secure and relaxing counselling room based in Chester-le Street and East Durham.


The families and friends of an alcoholic or addict may have tried almost everything to stop their loved one from the unmanageability that can cause chaos in family homes and within relationships everywhere. Addictions know no boundaries and can happen within any family.

Likewise people who suffer from mild mental illness will recognise that their problems can have an impact on their friends and families. Addictions North East can offer support to the family of the people they are working with. It is critical that people close to the addict do not hinder the recovery of their loved one. The recognition that carers are powerless sometimes needs to be taken into consideration. They often need a great amount of support and coaching.

Friends and families are encouraged to attend support groups, depending on their beliefs and circumstances.

Call us on 0300 330 30 40 or use our contact form.

Training Programmes

Addictions North East provides a variety of services for addicts and carers to help them tackle the problems of addiction and mild mental health well-being issues.

  • Assertiveness and Confidence-building
  • Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
  • Customised Training Programmes
  • One-to-one Mentoring and Coaching
  • Business Start-up Support
  • Recovery Group Work Development groups
  • Counselling Encounter groups