Mutual aid meetings are a community approach to therapeutic support. They do not give advice but instead adopt a process of empathy and assistance. Members are generally in recovery themselves, and they feel a great sense of purpose and identification through participation. They work independently of treatment organisations and facilitate a bridge to everyday living beyond detox.

The 12 Step fellowships include:

  • AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • NA (Narcotics Anonymous)
  • Al-Anon (Family Support for Alcoholics)
  • FA (Families Anonymous)
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Eating Anonymous
  • Emotions Anonymous
  • Promises meetings (No Fellowship identified)

Addictions North East actively supports the recovery community by participating and organising recovery activities and social events. We encourage and value the process of informal networking and mutual support.

Addictions North East is an abstinence-based project. Although we see the value and will work in partnership with medical model and harm reduction treatment providers, we favour abstinence as the best route out of addiction and addictive behaviours.

We encourage the principles of 12-step recovery approaches and are supportive of the growth of 12-step fellowships throughout our region. We hold several 12-step type meetings from our buildings and have 12 -step fellowship representation throughout our organisation.

We encourage members of the recovery community to continue to make a positive contribution to their local communities by volunteering with us or local community groups.

Mutual aid meetings which Addictions North East support: please contact us for further information/details of meetings, etc.

For further details of the 12-Steps Programme