Playing games on digital devices is a part of modern life, particularly, but not exclusively, among the young. The problem is that some people are susceptible to gaming addiction in the same way others are vulnerable to getting dependent on alcohol. However, gaming addiction is as real an issue as any other form of addiction.

People have been slow to accept compulsive gaming as an addiction because we usually identify addiction with chemical substances. But you can see that the obsessive behaviours of compulsive gamers are quite similar to people who are addicted to substances and other addictive behaviours.

What are the Signs of Gaming Addiction?

  • There are physical and psychological signs that indicate that a person is impacted by gaming addiction. These may include:
  • An intense preoccupation of getting back online to play
  • Isolating oneself to ensure uninterrupted play
  • Feeling irritable and restless when not playing games
  • Lying about the quantity of time spent gaming
  • Experiencing headaches caused by excessive screen time
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome triggered by excessive use of gaming devices
  • Diminished personal hygiene and poor dietary habits
  • Persistent fatigue caused by lack of sleep

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