Addictions North East (ANE) provide a Community Outreach Service in County Durham, Tyne and Wear and South Northumberland to support those people seeking abstinence well-being services.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic much of this work is conducted remotely. We can engage our service users using video conferencing (Zoom type meetings) over a phone or computer. When safe or in emergencies we carry out home visits.

Relapse Prevention and Crisis Management.

Ongoing support and treatment are available from our skilled Addiction Therapy Workers who are trained to use:

  • Abstinence Recovery Programmes
  • Family Support Programmes
  • Coping Strategies
  • Teaching and Coaching methods
  • Peer Support

Escaping dependency on Alcohol or Drugs or anything else is a life-changing, liberating achievement. But there is no ” cure” – staying free from addiction is a daily challenge.

We can simply be there for you to contact whenever you need us, or we can arrange a more formal programme of relapse prevention when required.

Training Support needs:

ANE staff deliver to our outreach service users both individual and small group training support services throughout County Durham, Tyne and Wear and South Northumberland.

These courses include online training and remote Zoom Sessions and where practical Face-to-Face Sessions. For details of all our training courses visit:

Crisis Management and Pending Homelessness

As part of our support services Addictions North East have a small budget to provide emergency assistance (food etc) in crisis situations. We purchase provisions through the Fareshare Scheme and some other suppliers.

Our Supported Housing will prioritise applications for housing requirements to people who are in early recovery from addictions.

Regrettably, our criteria for accepting applicants into our housing scheme excludes those in active addiction and currently using drugs or alcohol or indulging certain behaviours.

Invitation to attend ANE Meetings and Events

When possible, Outreach Service Users are invited to attend our multi-purpose therapy meetings based on Mutual Aid Traditions. Our Lunch and Breakfast clubs are also open to all service users.

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Universal Credit (UC)

Our advice line is available to offer support and information to clients concerned about claiming PIP, ESA, or UC.

Community Detox Services for Outreach Clients

ANE currently does not offer a Free Home Detox Service for our North East of England Clients. For this, there are two organisations that we refer to service users:

  1. The NHS/ Local Authority contractor in County Durham – Humankind (LINK). They employ skilled medical staff who may be able to assist in such cases. There are other contractors in the North East of England.
  2. Addictions UK provides an affordable, confidential Home Detox Service. They are an established leader in Home Detox Services in the UK serving all parts of England, Scotland ,Wales, and Ireland.

It is vital for those people consuming large quantities of alcohol not to stop drinking suddenly on their own. There is a risk of seizures during detox if medical advice is not followed.

In some cases, there will be a need to carry out a residential detox if there are complications indicated in medical history.

Just a Phone call away from Addictions Recovery

When clients feel they have gained all they can from a structured Relapse Prevention Programme, we can discuss other customised Addiction Treatment options.

Also, our free 24/7 helpline is always available to all clients who have received help from our treatment services.