We’re so proud of our team who work tirelessly to provide a helping hand for people struggling with addiction.

Many of our staff members have overcome their own struggles with addiction, and we think this is one of the keys to our success.

Having those life experiences ourselves means we won’t judge, and we can empathise with the difficulties of dealing with and overcoming addiction. We have also experienced how amazing it is to get clean and sober, so we’re passionate about helping others do the same.

Our Team


Scott Barnes, Chief Executive Officer
James Egan, Housing Manager
Angela Johnson, Operations Manager


Iain Kay, Chairman
Frank Nicholson, Vice Chairman
Anthony Welsh, Treasurer
Elizabeth Barnes, Trustee
Jane Vickers, Trustee
Charlotte Lilley, Trustee


Toni Cousins, Administrator
Olivia Johnson, Administrator
Adam Lilley, Finance Support

Case Workers

Alan Jones, Wellbeing Coordinator
Allen Barnes, Wellbeing Coordinator
Daniel Franklin, Wellbeing Coordinator
Kenny Andrew, Wellbeing Coordinator
Lindsay Price-Ashcroft, Wellbeing Coordinator

Group Facilitators

Alison Maitland, Group Facilitator
Gareth Laver, Group Facilitator
Ian Mulholland, Group Facilitator
Michael Micholwicz, Group Facilitator
Sharon Bresnen, Group Facilitator


Julie McDowall, Housing Administrator
Susan Fish, Domestic Lead
Andrew Spencer, Domestic Volunteer
Sam Walker, Maintenance
Philip Dixon, Maintenance Worker

Kitchen Staff

Beverley Harwood, Kitchen Manager
Katy Stephenson, Kitchen Coordinator
Brian Downey, Kitchen Assistant
Hannah Newbury, Kitchen Assistant
Robert Glasper, Kitchen Assistant
Kelly Imeson, Kitchen Assistant
Aaron McConnell, Volunteer Kitchen Assistant