Addiction to pornography (porn) is a condition in which an individual has an unhealthy association with graphic/explicit sexual materials. Porn may include printed materials, videos, movies, graphic novels, or other media in which sexual acts and or sexualised images are explicitly depicted. Indulging in pornography does not automatically mean that an individual has an addiction to porn.

What are the Signs of Pornography Addiction?

  • Isolating from family, friends, spouse, or sexual/romantic partner
  • Adverse consequences in professional, family, relational functioning
  • Preoccupation with porn, including secretive behaviour, scheduling, and strategising for accessing and consuming pornographic material
  • Feeling out of control along with shame, fear and self-disgust
  • Substantially decreased or increased desire for sexual activity
  • A growing desire for increasingly explicit pornographic materials
  • Unable to control/manage the porn consumption habit
  • Dishonesty or secrecy regarding the quantity and type of porn consumption
  • Decreased emotional intimacy and increased objectification of others
  • Planning finances/relationship activities around porn consumption
  • Forgoing previously enjoyed activities/relationships with preference to consume porn

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