Are you getting the correct Welfare Benefit Entitlement?

There are many people who experience addictions issues and mental health problems that should be entitled to additional benefits.

Check if you are entitled to receive Employment Support Allowance (Support Group). Visit your CAB or Welfare Rights Centre who will be able to check your entitlement

Additionally many claimants will be entitled to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Claimants with Mental Health conditions such as Addictions Issues/ Depression / Stress / Anxiety / Personality Disorders etc. may be able to claim a PIP Grant through the DWP. Many people who have addiction problems find it difficult to lead an independent lifestyle because of the unmanageability and chaos caused by their addictions.

Addictions UK have launched a new website which may be able to assist you to claim benefit for yourself or the

person whom you are trying to assist. The information in this website is designed to promote the legitimate take up of Personal Independence Payments (PIP) to claimants who otherwise might not receive the levels of support they require from health professionals. Please see www.claimpip.com

Their health professionals have lots of experience in helping claimants to receive their rightful entitlement. We recommend that before you apply for PIP that you contact them to discuss how we can help you. Spending a small amount of money getting this help might help to establish your lawful claim to the DWP.

Addictions North East strongly recommend that potential claimants should contact your nearest specialist Advice Centre – such as a Citizens Advice Bureau / Centre, Law Centre, Disability Rights Service, or Council Welfare Rights or Social Services Department for advice on how to complete the PIP Application form.

If you would like to discuss whether you may qualify for a PIP payment please send us an e-mail to pip@addictionsuk.com or telephone us on 0800 140 40 44