how can we help

How can we help?

A confidential phone call to Addictions North East can be the first step in breaking the cycle of addiction and finding a personal programme for restoring normal life.

Take a look at some of the services we offer.

Likewise people who suffer from mild mental illness will recognise that their problems can have an impact on their friends and families.

Addictions North East can offer support to the family of the people they are working with. It is critical that people close to the addict do not hinder the recovery of their loved one. The recognition that carers are powerless sometimes needs to be taken into consideration. They often need a great amount of support and coaching.
Friends and families are encouraged to attend support groups, depending on their beliefs and circumstances.

Follow these three small steps to make a big change in your life:

Step 1

Make a confidential
phone call to us

Step 2

let us help plan your
personal treatment program

Step 3

Get admitted at
our rehab centre

Call us on 0300 330 30 40 or use our contact form.