The Trustees of Addictions North East are grateful to Aviva and their employees for publishing and promoting a crowdfunding page.

We set a target of £5,500 and we were hopeful that with hard work we could achieve it. The money will be spent on equipping and making ready more houses for our various service users.

We managed to beat our target and raise a sum of £6,300!

We cannot thank enough all those that have donated and sent us beautiful messages of support. They certainly have made a difference to our work in enabling to expand our housing stock for the benefit of our client group.

We published a short video

We will use the extra money to help house those in greatest need – to provide a decent home and full support with their issues. We will provide therapy and a 24/7 helpline for those people whom we offer accommodation.

We will provide additional assistance to those people living elsewhere – some sofa surfing.

Other services we will offer include:

  • Remote and Face to Face Therapeutic Sessions,
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy,
  • Outreach therapy sessions for non-residential clients,
  • Home Based Treatments including Medical Detox,
  • Recovery Housing Programmes,
  • Advice Support and Advocacy Services,
  • Support through Fareshare and ANE food purchases,
  • Breakfast and Lunch Clubs.
  • Addictions North East was established to help those who were homeless in our region and living with mental health and substance misuse. Many of our service users have experienced trauma that has led to their social isolation, unmanageability, breakdown of relationships etc.
  • Many of our Staff and Trustees are now in recovery themselves. We offer 24/7 support and provide a range of therapeutic interventions alongside supported housing and community outreach services
  • Many of our service users do not know what it is like to be safe. Many have fled violence in their home or local community. We aim to offer a safe platform and organise daily workshops and one-to-one sessions aimed at promoting coping measures that assist them managing their lives.
  • We make use of food donations to run breakfast and lunch clubs. This is very valuable to our service users. Not only do they learn how to prepare food, but they also get the opportunity to communicate and develop trust with those who they relate to.
  • Our slogan ‘A Bridge to Normal Living‘ is the embodiment of our work. We promote an eclectic / person centred approach therapy which achieves excellent results. To see clients, grow from a seemingly hopeless position to a more settled and manageable lifestyle, is awe inspiring. We feel deeply privilege to be part of so many brave male and females’ journey from Mental Health and Dependence issues to Recovery.
  • We are grateful for any donations or monies received . The funds will go directly into “An Aviva Supported Project” so we can help more individuals and families who have mental health and homeless problems.
  • We desperately need to secure more housing and to purchase furniture, white goods so we can house more vulnerable homeless people. We seek funds to purchase furniture and essential goods and services to help even more people:
  • Our target was £5,500