Addictions North East

Addictions North East is a Registered Charity headquartered in the North East of England. We provide help, support, counselling and mentoring to people with addictions problems including drug and alcohol and other process addictions.

We also work with family members and offer specialist support to them including an out of hour’s emergency helpline.

Addictions North East seeks to promote recovery from addiction and mild mental illness such as depression, poor self-esteem, poor self-confidence and other well-being matters.

We conduct regular group work issues and face-to-face sessions and we also offer telephone counselling and coaching. Our advice and support is confidential, affordable and effective.

Addictions North East offers a range of professional services that are free at the point of service or at a reduced chargeable rate according to means.

We are supported by various charitable donations and financial assistance for which we are very grateful.